Thursday, September 13, 2012


 From the desk of the Pissed off Jade Fox:


I cant believe Im doing this again... Seriously. Youd think I would have better things to get pissed off about then comercials. But once again here I am with another rant... About a comercial.


Ok, so once again I was watching videos on That guy with the Glasses ( Link here: CLICK ME!!!! I love them)

 and Blip now has commercials at the beginning, middle and END of each video.


 Ok, I can deal with that, seeing as it is free content.

Now the ad that has lead me here is for Gamestop (who I also love) and starts by showing a guy on his couch, with cheetos and milk on a stand next to him. He's looking at his game and sees something that, I guess, pleases him? Its a soccer game theyre promoting and I know dick about soccer, so Im guessing that its some good player or something.

But the man is over joyed, and in his glee does a full body... I guess the only word for it is spasm, in which he kicks over the stand, spilling cheetos and milk everywhere. They throw in their gobbledygook about the promotion, and then it cuts back to the guy just sitting there stunned about the player he saw.

Is this man retarded?

Don't get me wrong... Ive been excited before. I've even jumped up and do a little dance some time. (example) And yes, I have made a mess before. But my reaction afterwords isnt to sit and stare like an idiot at whatever made me happy. Its normally "Oh shit" and then frantecly running around to clean up my mess.

I know that, for comerciles, you should extend your suspension of disbelief, but after seeing it again, and again, and AGAIN, I get pissed at this man every time. Maybe Im the only one... Maybe Im reading too much into it...

But what if Im right?

Here's to "if"


Monday, September 10, 2012


Ok, so if you read my blog, you may have seen my happy birthday salute to Sailor Moon, which turned 20 this year. If you haven't, here's a link:

Go read it, its great.... (I hope)

So in that review I stated that Sailor Moon is in need of a reboot. Its been 20 years, and they rebooted other series in less time then that.

Well guess what? They're doing it. As of 2013, Sailor Moon is getting a reboot. Que the applause and cheering.

And as happy as I am, I have to wonder just a few things. Things like:

What art style will they use?

Are they bringing back any of the original cast?

Will there be Fan Service?

And many more questions. Sailor Moon is one of my all time favorite animes, and Im really looking forward to it coming back. I know it wasn't me, but...

Hell, I am going to take credit for it. 


THAT'S RIGHT. I The Jade Fox brought about the reboot of Sailor Moon. It was all me, you can thank me however you like. I especially like booze and cash.

Just kidding readers.

I hope you are all as excited as I am.

Here's to wishes being granted