Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy 20th

So Sailor Moon, an anime series that I absolutely love, had its 20th anniversary last week. Salior Moon was he first anime I had ever seen, and it sucked me into that world. I thank my aunt ( everyday for getting me hooked on it.

Now in saying that, Why have we not seen a reboot of the series yet? I mean, Evangelion got a reboot. Hell, Full Metal Alchemist got a reboot within a couple of years after it aired. So why not a great series like Sailor Moon? I have to think that if they remade it closer to the manga, then it would attract a much wider audience then it had before.

For those of you who haven't read the manga, it is much darker, and more action packed then the american dub.

In my eyes it just seems that the people in charge of the Sailor Moon franchise are just afraid of money and fame. In that case, I guess I can understand. But then sell the damn franchise, and bring us something that we all want.

Happy Birthday Sailor Moon. I still love you.

In the name of the Moon, Ill see you later


PS. Oh, and when you do bring it out again, DON'T FUCKING CENSOR IT SO MUCH YOU    PUSSYS!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


What the hell happened to Sonic the Hedgehog?

This guy was on top of the world, rivaling Mario... MARIO! Sonic was way more awesome then Mario (This is the opinion section of my rant.) he had cooler power ups, a way more awesome design, and he was FAST! Mario could only jog at a steady pace. Sonic went from 0 to 60 in only a few seconds. WAY COOLER THEN A STUPID FAT-ASS!

But I ask again, what happened? Over the years Mario has been getting bigger and bigger, while Sonic has just been making ends meet. How can Mario remake the same fucking game over, and over, and over, BUT Sonic does it and gets Crucified. Sonic tries something new... and gets slaughtered. Sonic follows that fat fucks example, and gets called a cheap rip off.

They both even had failed cartoons. Who else here remembers The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and The Super Mario Brothers Super Show... THEY BOTH SUCKED ASS! But Sonic actually came back with a GREAT cartoon, Sonic SAT AM. and is still making some good cartoons, like Sonic X.

I want to see a world where Sonic and Mario switch places. Sonic could be making Sonic Galaxy 2, while Mario is making Super Mario and the Black Knight. The question not being, would Sonic do better, no no no... I want to see if I would still like Sonic, or if Id be in Mario's camp.

Here's to wondering.

See ya around.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rant Time

Ok. Time for another rant.
I have no problem with the advertisements being placed in web videos now. In fact, I like that YouTube even allows us to skip the longer ads. This is not what my rant is about.
My rant is about the ads they put. I was just watching the new Nostalgia Critic ( and they cut to commercials in the middle. Again, I am ok with this. But the damn commercials are so fucking dumb.
The first was a yogurt commercial and the first thing that happens is a mother telling her daughter "Why don't you go get us some Yoplett. FIRST OF ALL: Who the FUCK actually uses the brand names. Realistically the mother would say, "Hey, go get some yogurt." If you use the brand name, please don't reproduce... You have clearly been brainwashed by advertising.
SECONDLY (oh yes, I have more points) The kid takes forever and the mom just looks around and says "I have no idea where she could be."


If your kid went missing in the store, the cops would be called even before you looked around. I know that its a horrible realization that our first opinion is that our kid has been abducted, but that's the age we live in. Hell, I worked in retail long enough to know that parents barley look for their kids before they come crying to the management about "Oh my kids gone missing." So, no. I do not believe that this mother would be, like, "Huh, where or where did my per-teen daughter, who I wont even let use Facebook by herself yet, wander off to in this giant store?"


Now on to my last point, which, to be fair is just me nit picking, but, When did the Green Giant become no longer jolly?
When I was a kid it was the Jolly Green Giant. Now its just the Green Giant. Why is he not jolly anymore? What happened? Is it something we did? Is it because kids don't like vegetables, so now that Jolly Green Giant is sad?

I for one and sorry Mr. Giant, and would like to know how to make you happy once more.

That's it from me. Ill see y'all next time.


(To see a vlog of this rant, please visit my You Tube channel. )

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I'm not a game reviewer, and if i ever tried to be one, I'm sure that id be fired for my grammar and writing skills before i even got hired. But I still like to talk about them. So I'm going to talk today about the Horror genre in videogames. Why you ask... Because I'm sitting outside right now, it's 2 am, and a thick fog has rolled in over my site.
I remember the first game that scared the living hell out of me. I was about 13 and by buddy Steven came over to spend the night. With him he brought Resident Evil 2.

 We stayed up all night, just trying to get to the end. We didn't that night, mostly because every time something jumped out, or some zombie finally ate our brains, we had to take an hour break to get up the nerve to play again. As the sun rose, I sat in my chair, looking out the window, and thinking to myself "I did it. A game will never scare me again."

Then, in 2005, I bought a game that I had heard nothing but good things about. Silent Hill 2.

 A game that I wanted so bad I put myself 20 more dollars into debt. I took it home. It was a hot, sunny May afternoon. My door stood open to let the cool breeze flow through, and I heard children laughing in the street. I plugged SH2 into my xbox and hit start. As the opening movie rolled I got totally immersed. I started to play. 15 minuets later I reached the first save spot, saved, and turned the game off, thoroughly shaken. I hadn't even gotten into the story line, I hadn't had an epic boss battle, I hadn't even faced a single enemy, and yet I couldn't go on.
Months later I eventually finished the game, and felt pride as the end credits ran. But what had me so shaken to begin with?

It was the one thing that most "horror" games now lack.
The subtle things that make you feel utterly alone and vulnerable. A creepy shadow here, a sound there. Little things that just get in your head and have an orgy in the fear section of your brain.
Most "horror" games now cant even give you a little spook, let alone the feeling that the shambling creature on screen will somehow for-go your player character, and reach through the screen. What happened? I hope that with the next gen games, we can get back to what once was.

 Thanks for reading.