Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy 20th

So Sailor Moon, an anime series that I absolutely love, had its 20th anniversary last week. Salior Moon was he first anime I had ever seen, and it sucked me into that world. I thank my aunt ( everyday for getting me hooked on it.

Now in saying that, Why have we not seen a reboot of the series yet? I mean, Evangelion got a reboot. Hell, Full Metal Alchemist got a reboot within a couple of years after it aired. So why not a great series like Sailor Moon? I have to think that if they remade it closer to the manga, then it would attract a much wider audience then it had before.

For those of you who haven't read the manga, it is much darker, and more action packed then the american dub.

In my eyes it just seems that the people in charge of the Sailor Moon franchise are just afraid of money and fame. In that case, I guess I can understand. But then sell the damn franchise, and bring us something that we all want.

Happy Birthday Sailor Moon. I still love you.

In the name of the Moon, Ill see you later


PS. Oh, and when you do bring it out again, DON'T FUCKING CENSOR IT SO MUCH YOU    PUSSYS!!!

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