Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rant Time

Ok. Time for another rant.
I have no problem with the advertisements being placed in web videos now. In fact, I like that YouTube even allows us to skip the longer ads. This is not what my rant is about.
My rant is about the ads they put. I was just watching the new Nostalgia Critic ( and they cut to commercials in the middle. Again, I am ok with this. But the damn commercials are so fucking dumb.
The first was a yogurt commercial and the first thing that happens is a mother telling her daughter "Why don't you go get us some Yoplett. FIRST OF ALL: Who the FUCK actually uses the brand names. Realistically the mother would say, "Hey, go get some yogurt." If you use the brand name, please don't reproduce... You have clearly been brainwashed by advertising.
SECONDLY (oh yes, I have more points) The kid takes forever and the mom just looks around and says "I have no idea where she could be."


If your kid went missing in the store, the cops would be called even before you looked around. I know that its a horrible realization that our first opinion is that our kid has been abducted, but that's the age we live in. Hell, I worked in retail long enough to know that parents barley look for their kids before they come crying to the management about "Oh my kids gone missing." So, no. I do not believe that this mother would be, like, "Huh, where or where did my per-teen daughter, who I wont even let use Facebook by herself yet, wander off to in this giant store?"


Now on to my last point, which, to be fair is just me nit picking, but, When did the Green Giant become no longer jolly?
When I was a kid it was the Jolly Green Giant. Now its just the Green Giant. Why is he not jolly anymore? What happened? Is it something we did? Is it because kids don't like vegetables, so now that Jolly Green Giant is sad?

I for one and sorry Mr. Giant, and would like to know how to make you happy once more.

That's it from me. Ill see y'all next time.


(To see a vlog of this rant, please visit my You Tube channel. )

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