Saturday, April 7, 2012


Game review.

Like I said in my first blog, I am not a good game reviewer. I try though, so I think I get effort points. ^_^

So today I'm going to talk about a game that I love, even though it made me want to break my PS3.

Shadow of the Colossus.

For those of you who haven't played this game here is a quick summery. You are a daring young man who brings the love of his life (who is very much dead) to a mystic land to make a deal with an entrapped demon. The demon agrees to resurrect her, but you have to kill the sixteen giant monsters that roam the land. You, being in love, agree to this, and ride off on your loyal horse to go kill these beasts.

The majority of the game you spend riding across the empty landscape, holding your sword aloft so the light reflect off it and points you to your next Colossus. The rest of the game is the fight between the huge monsters, switching between frantic combat, and puzzle platforming as you crawl across the colossus like a flea. And that's it. You ride your horse, then fight a monster. Ride your horse, then fight a monster.


I'm not sure if I am the minority on this, but I love the boss fights in games. It's my favorite part of the game. Shadow is ALL BOSS FIGHTS! Each Colossus is different and unique. The all have some similarity to real creatures, from birds, to bulls, to snakes. Each one looks like its been sleeping for years, and are waking up because you are there. The puzzles get harder, as do the monsters, but to a level that you can handle.

Now the reason I almost broke my PS3. THE FUCKING CAMERA! I swear, the only reason I ever died in that game is because the camera would not move the way I wanted. The final Colossus being a cacophony of fucks as I couldn't see what the hell I was doing. Just ask my aunt, and her two young children.

So all in all its a great game and I suggest you play it. Shadow of the Colossus is available on PS2 and the HD collection is on PS3. Pick it up. You wont be disappointed.

Here's to gaming.


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